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elegant perfection

Designing and creating custom made clothes is my passion. From childhood, I was passionate in designing and creating designer clothing. My passion drives me to create unique designs. I love to let my imagination run wild with pencil and paper. Hence the spark that ignites my creativity, I have been enjoying creating art with textiles.

This love for creating garments helped through CITI where I excelled Pattern Making, drafting and designing.

Later I started making outfits for my family members and friends, and gradually made me an expert in the field of fashion. Having confidence to take up any challenge, I registered the business in year 2014 as ‘Fute’.

20 years of experience has taught me to give my utmost attention to detail and quality of workmanship of the garment.

Our clientele includes celebrities, professionals and people with a passion for fashion. We specialize in chic outfits, weddings, and party wear, concert costumes, etc. We also undertake limited quantity bulk orders and saree jackets for special occasions.

A custom made garment with a healthy dose of creativity and attention to detail is hard to beat; with the added bonus of wearing something unique.

You can come to us with your ideas. It can be anything you like. Unusual designs or bright colors are especially welcome. We will work with you right from the initial sketches and designs; helping to draw out what is in your mind, guiding you and making suggestions for details you may not have thought of.

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